cpython-withatomic / Modules /

The branch '2.5' does not exist.
/* -*- C -*- ***********************************************
Copyright (c) 2000,
Copyright (c) 1995-2000, Corporation for National Research Initiatives.
Copyright (c) 1990-1995, Stichting Mathematisch Centrum.
All rights reserved.

See the file "Misc/COPYRIGHT" for information on usage and
redistribution of this file, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.

/* Module configuration */

/* !!! !!! !!! This file is edited by the makesetup script !!! !!! !!! */

/* This file contains the table of built-in modules.
   See init_builtin() in import.c. */

#include "Python.h"

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

/* -- ADDMODULE MARKER 1 -- */

extern void PyMarshal_Init(void);
extern void initimp(void);
extern void initgc(void);
extern void init_ast(void);
extern void init_types(void);

struct _inittab _PyImport_Inittab[] = {

/* -- ADDMODULE MARKER 2 -- */

	/* This module lives in marshal.c */
	{"marshal", PyMarshal_Init},

	/* This lives in import.c */
	{"imp", initimp},

	/* This lives in Python/Python-ast.c */
	{"_ast", init_ast},

	/* This lives in Python/_types.c */
	{"_types", init_types},

	/* These entries are here for sys.builtin_module_names */
	{"__main__", NULL},
	{"__builtin__", NULL},
	{"sys", NULL},
	{"exceptions", NULL},

	/* This lives in gcmodule.c */
	{"gc", initgc},

	/* Sentinel */
	{0, 0}

#ifdef __cplusplus
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