cpython-withatomic / Mac / Relnotes

Changes in 2.0b1+ since 1.5.2

These release notes refer to Mac-specific changes only. See NEWS (in the Misc folder)
for machine-independent changes.

Unfortunately I have messed my administration up, so I can't give complete
Mac-specific release notes for the changes in this release. So, I will
have to leave it at the highlights:

- 68K support has been dropped, this release is PPC only.
- Threads support (through standard Python threads module).
- Tkinter works again! At least: it doesn't immedeately crash in obvious ways.
- Appearance support through App module and added calls in many other modules.
  Most dialogs and applets have also been converted to Appearance. There's also a
  ControlAccessor module that handles [GS]etControlData with their plethora of
  argument types.
- Navigation Services support, with macfs StandardFile calls transparently
  replaced by their NavServices counterparts.
- Offscreen QuickDraw and GWorld support through Qdoffs module.
- Drag manager support (Drag module).
- Much better CGI support and examples, see :Mac:Tools:CGI.
- Better OSA/AppleEvent support.
- Up/downcasting of handle-based types is now unified and implemented in the
  inherting module, e.g.
  handleobj = ctlobj.as_Resource()
  ctlobj = Ctl.as_Control(handle)
- Added macos.FreeMem(), MaxBlock() and CompactMem(), mainly so apps in Python can
  give low-memory warnings.
- MediaDescr module parses some QuickTime media descriptions (but definitely not all).
- A new method EasyDialogs.GetArgv() which makes it easy for the end-user to provide
  unix-style sys.argv arguments. (new since 2.0b1)
- There's a new package, mkcwproject, that creates and builds CodeWarrior
  projects. (new since 2.0b1)
- The "keep console open" options are now always, never, on error and on unseen output. The
  latter is the new default. (new since 2.0b1)
- Missing Numeric modules are included. They may not be on sys.path, however. (new since 2.0b1)
- gdbm works again. (new since 2.0b1)

What is not in this distribution

- The garbage collection mods to 2.0 have not been enabled, mainly due to lack of test-time.
- Stackless Python/microthreads hasn't been ported to 2.0 yet. If/when it becomes available
  Just will undoubtedly announce it on pythonmac-sig.
- Carbon support is not in here, but should be happening as soon as GUSI is ready.
- Distutils is not in here, but Corran Webster and myself are working on it.

Known problems

This list is far from complete, more problems may be listed on the MacPython homepage,

- The IDE and Tkinter do not work together. Run tkinter programs under PythonInterpreter.
- Aliases do not work in sys.path entries.
- Once you have used multiple threads you cannot raise KeyboardInterrupt anymore:
  typing command-. will immedeately exit the interpreter.