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Subject: Dynamic Linking under HP-UX
From: "C. Derek Fields" <derek@gamekeeper.bellcore.com>
Date: Thu, 08 Sep 94 14:14:07 -0400

There are two important points.  First, the python executable must be
linked with the -E option to explicitly export all symbols.  This
works with the vanilla interpreter, but I am not sure how friendly it
will be when I try to embed the interpreter in a larger application.
It may be necessary to hand tune the exports using the -e option.
Anyway, the additional flag to $(CC) is "-Wl,-E", which passes the -E
flag to the compiler.  My link line (from an actual run) looks like

cc config.o -Wl,-E libModules.a  ../Python/libPython.a  ../Objects/libObjects.a ../Parser/libParser.a   -lm  -ldld -o python

[Guido's note: as of Python 1.5, replace the four libraries with

Second, the dynamic module must be compiled with the +z option to make
it position independent and then linked into a shared library:

ld -b -o <modName>module.sl <object list>

The -b tells the linker to produce a shared library.