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Contents of this directory:

FormTest.py		Show how a form can be built to enter multiple fields
RadioGroups.py		Show how to use multiple groups of radio buttons
TestCSplit.py		Test CSplit  widget (a clock-like split)
TestDirList.py		Test DirList widget (lists directory contents)
TestFormSplit.py	Test FormSplit widget (arbitrary grouping)
TestSched.py		Test WindowSched widget (event scheduling)
TestTextEdit.py		Test TextEdit widget (probably doen't work any more)
clock.py		A simple clock, with alarm
jukebox.py		Play audio files (SGI only, needs SOX and SFPLAY)
lpwin.py		Watch line printer queues
microedit.py		The smallest window editor
miniedit.py		A small multi-window editor
python.py		A window interface to the Python interpreter
wdiff.py		A window-based directory diff