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cpython-withatomic / Tools / README

This directory contains a number of Python programs that are useful
while building or extending Python.

audiopy		Audiopy is a program to control the Solaris audio
		device, allowing you to choose both the input and
		output devices, and to set the output volume, that can
		be run either as a command-line script, or as a
		Tkinter application.

bgen		Generate complete extension modules from a
		description.  Still under development!

compiler	Tools used to maintain the compiler package in the
		standard library.

faqwiz		FAQ Wizard.
		See http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/faqw.py
		for a live example.

freeze		Create a stand-alone executable from a Python program.

i18n		Tools for internationalization. pygettext.py 
		parses Python source code and generates .pot files,
		and msgfmt.py generates a binary message catalog 
		from a catalog in text format.

modulator	Interactively generate boiler plate for an extension
		module.	 Works easiest if you have Tk.

pynche		A Tkinter-based color editor.

scripts		A number of useful single-file programs, e.g. tabnanny.py
		(by Tim Peters), which checks for inconsistent mixing
		of tabs and spaces.

unicode		Tools used to generate unicode database files for
		Python 2.0 (by Fredrik Lundh).

versioncheck	A tool to automate checking whether you have the latest
		version of a package (by Jack Jansen).

webchecker	A link checker for web sites.

world		Script to take a list of Internet addresses and print
		out where in the world those addresses originate from,
		based on the top-level domain country code found in
		the address.