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This directory contains a collection of executable Python scripts.

Some perform Python housekeeping jobs (e.g., converting old syntax or
generating tags files), others are useful UNIX tools, are some are
just cute demos (e.g.,

A number of these of these deserve a link in your bin directory.  All
deserve study if you want to learn Python programming.

Table of contents:		Print product of a file's size and age		Check presence and validity of ".pyc" files		Convert old class syntax to new		Copy one file's atime and mtime to another			Translate #define's into Python assignments		Format du(1) output as a tree sorted by size		Create Emacs TAGS file for Python modules			Factorize numbers		Recursively find symbolic links to a given path prefix		Fix Python scripts' first line (if #!)		Massive identifier substitution on C source files		Convert a Python script into a free-standing binary			Summarize mailbox		Make a copy of a tree with links to original files			Find and list symbolic links in current directory		Watch BSD line printer queues		Fix old method syntax def f(self, (a1, ..., aN)):		Turn a symbolic link into a real file or directory		Print object graph from nm output on a library		Print dependencies between Python modules			Print all digits of pi -- given enough time and memory			Emulate some Perl command line options		Print prime numbers		Create vi tags file for Python modules			Sort a list of files by suffix		Find a program in $PATH			Wrapper for rcsdiff and ci