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Demonstrations of Python that use various features of the Silicon
Graphics IRIS machines.

al		Demonstrations of the audio capabilities of the
		Indigo. Require the built-in module 'al'.  One program
		also needs the build-in module 'fl' (the FORMS
		library by Mark Overmars.)

cd		Demonstrations of the CD-ROM player's audio interface,
		built-in module 'cd'.

flp		Demonstrations of using the 'flp' standard module,
		which enables you to quickly create forms using the
		'fl' built-in module (available if you use the FORMS
		library by Mark Overmars).

gl		Demonstrations of the Graphics Library (GL).
		Require the built-in module 'gl'.

sv		Demonstrations of the Indigo Video module.
		Requires the built-in module 'sv'.  See also the
		following directory.
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