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\title{Python Library Reference}


\makeindex			% tell \index to actually write the .idx file






This document describes the built-in types, exceptions and functions
and the standard modules that come with the Python system.  It assumes
basic knowledge about the Python language.  For an informal
introduction to the language, see the {\em Python Tutorial}.  The {\em
Python Reference Manual} gives a more formal definition of the



\parskip = 0mm



				% Chapter title:

\input{libintro}		% Introduction

\input{libobjs}			% Built-in Types, Exceptions and Functions

\input{libmods}			% Built-in modules
\input{libbltin}		% really __builtin__
\input{libmain}			% really __main__

\input{libstd}			% Standard Modules

\input{libunix}			% UNIX ONLY
\input{libposixfile} % XXX this uses lineii which partparse.py doesn't know
\input{libppath}		% really posixpath



%\input{libamoeba}		% AMOEBA ONLY

%\input{libmac}			% MACINTOSH ONLY

\input{libstdwin}		% STDWIN ONLY

\input{libsgi}			% SGI IRIX ONLY

\input{libsun}			% SUNOS ONLY

\input{lib.ind}			% Index

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