cpython-withatomic / Doc / text2latex.py

import os
import sys
import regex
import regsub
import string
import getopt

def main():
	process(sys.stdin, sys.stdout)

dashes = regex.compile('^-+[ \t]*$')
equals = regex.compile('^=+[ \t]*$')
stars = regex.compile('^\*+[ \t]*$')
blank = regex.compile('^[ \t]*$')
indented = regex.compile('^\( *\t\|        \)[ \t]*[^ \t]')

def process(fi, fo):
	inverbatim = 0
	line = '\n'
	nextline = fi.readline()
	while nextline:
		prevline = line
		line = nextline
		nextline = fi.readline()
		fmt = None
		if dashes.match(nextline) >= 0:
			fmt = '\\subsection{%s}\n'
		elif equals.match(nextline) >= 0:
			fmt = '\\section{%s}\n'
		elif stars.match(nextline) >= 0:
			fmt = '\\chapter{%s}\n'
		if fmt:
			nextline = '\n'
			line =  fmt % string.strip(line)
			if '(' in line:
				line = regsub.gsub('[a-zA-Z0-9_]+()',
					  '{\\\\tt \\0}', line)
		elif inverbatim:
			if blank.match(line) >= 0 and \
				  indented.match(nextline) < 0:
				inverbatim = 0
			if indented.match(line) >= 0 and \
				  blank.match(prevline) >= 0:
				inverbatim = 1
		if inverbatim:
			line = string.expandtabs(line, 4)
		elif not fmt and '(' in line:
			line = regsub.gsub('[a-zA-Z0-9_]+()',
				  '\\\\code{\\0}', line)

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