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\section{Standard Module \sectcode{soundex}}

\renewcommand{\indexsubitem}{(in module soundex)}
The soundex algorithm takes an English word, and returns an
easily-computed hash of it; this hash is intended to be the same for
words that sound alike.  This module provides an interface to the
soundex algorithm.

Note that the soundex algorithm is quite simple-minded, and isn't
perfect by any measure.  Its main purpose is to help looking up names
in databases, when the name may be misspelled -- soundex hashes common
misspellings together.

Return the soundex hash value for a word; it will always be a
6-character string.  \var{string} must contain the word to be hashed,
with no leading whitespace; the case of the word is ignored.

\begin{funcdesc}{sound_similar}{string1, string2}
Compare the word in \var{string1} with the word in \var{string2}; this
is equivalent to