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This directory contains a collection of demonstration scripts for
various aspects of Python programming.

beer.py        Well-known programming example: Bottles of beer.
eiffel.py      Python advanced magic: A metaclass for Eiffel post/preconditions.
hanoi.py       Well-known programming example: Towers of Hanoi.
life.py        Curses programming: Simple game-of-life.
markov.py      Algorithms: Markov chain simulation.
mcast.py       Network programming: Send and receive UDP multicast packets.
queens.py      Well-known programming example: N-Queens problem.
redemo.py      Regular Expressions: GUI script to test regexes.
rpython.py     Network programming: Small client for remote code execution.
rpythond.py    Network programming: Small server for remote code execution.
sortvisu.py    GUI programming: Visualization of different sort algorithms.
ss1.py         GUI/Application programming: A simple spreadsheet application.
vector.py      Python basics: A vector class with demonstrating special methods.
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