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\section{Built-in Module \sectcode{math}}

\renewcommand{\indexsubitem}{(in module math)}
This module is always available.
It provides access to the mathematical functions defined by the C
They are:
\funcline{atan2}{x, y}
\funcline{fmod}{x, y}
\funcline{hypot}{x, y}
\funcline{ldexp}{x, y}
\funcline{pow}{x, y}
\code{atan2(\varvars{x\, y})},
\code{fmod(\varvars{x\, y})},
\code{hypot(\varvars{x\, y})},
\code{ldexp(\varvars{x\, y})},
\code{pow(\varvars{x\, y})},

Note that \code{frexp} and \code{modf} have a different call/return
pattern than their C equivalents: they take a single argument and
return a pair of values, rather than returning their second return
value through an `output parameter' (there is no such thing in Python).

The \code{hypot} function, which is not standard C, is not available
on all platforms.

The module also defines two mathematical constants:
\code{pi} and \code{e}.
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