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How to make a Python-distribution.

These notes are mainly for myself, or for whoever tries to make a MacPython
distribution when I'm fed up with it. They were last updated for 2.2b1.

- Increase fragment version number in PythonCore and PythonCoreCarbon.
  the fragment number is Python's sys.hexversion, it should be set in the
  "PEF" preferences.
- Increase version number in
- Build PythonStandSmall, run once in root folder
- Update Relnotes, readme's, Demo:build.html
- Make sure tkresources.rsrc is up-to-date
- fullbuild everything with increase-buildno
- Test both classic and Carbon with test.regrtest
- Update Numeric and build/install it both with Classic and with Carbon python
- Recompile OSAm and possibly other Contrib stuff
- mkdistr binary.include
- mkdistr dev.include
- make distribution archive with Installer Vise
  Things to make sure of:
  - Version number in toplevel folder name
  - Finder icon positions
  - Version numbers in "Packages..." window
  - Version number in "Installer Settings" -> "Easy Install Text"
  - Version number in "Project" -> Attributes
  - Version number in "Project" -> PostProcess
  - Version number in "Internet" -> "Download Sites"
  - Version number in "Internet" -> "File Groups".
- Check for missing files. Do this by installing everything on your local system,
  and comparing the file tree (CodeWarrior Compare is great for this) with
  :Mac:Distributions:(vise):binary distribution and ....:dev distribution.
  Only the :Lib:plat-xxxx should be missing. Otherwise go back to Installer Vise and
  add the missing stuff. Make sure of all settings for the new files (esp. "where"
  and "gestalt" are easy to miss).
- test on virgin systems (OSX, OS9, OS8 without Carbon). Make sure to test
  tkinter too.
- Remove the local installation so you don't get confused by it.
- checkin everything except PythonX.Y.vct.
- mkdistr src.include
- Rename "src distribution" and stuffit
- Upload
- Update README file in ftp directory
- Change version number in public_html/macpythonversion.txt .
- Update macpython.html
- Send an announcement to:
- Wait a day or so for catastrophic mistakes, then send an announcement to: (userid
- Open PythonX.Y.vct again, use the "remove compressed files" command to trim down
  the size, commit.
- Remove the subdires under (vise) so you don't get confused by them later.