cpython-withatomic / acconfig.h

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/* Leave this blank line here -- autoheader needs it! */

/* Define if your <unistd.h> contains bad prototypes for exec*()
   (as it does on SGI IRIX 4.x) */

/* Define if your compiler botches static forward declarations
   (as it does on SCI ODT 3.0) */

/* Define if getpgrp() must be called as getpgrp(0)
   and (consequently) setpgrp() as setpgrp(0, 0). */

/* Define this if your time.h defines altzone */

/* Define if your compiler supports function prototypes */

/* Define if your compiler supports variable length function prototypes
   (e.g. void fprintf(FILE *, char *, ...);) *and* <stdarg.h> */

/* Define to empty if the keyword does not work.  */
#undef signed

/* Define for SOLARIS 2.x */
#undef SOLARIS

/* Define if  you can safely include both <sys/select.h> and <sys/time.h>
   (which you can't on SCO ODT 3.0). */

/* Define if you want to use SGI (IRIX 4) dynamic linking.
   This requires the "dl" library by Jack Jansen,
   Don't bother on IRIX 5, it already has dynamic linking using SunOS
   style shared libraries */ 
#undef WITH_SGI_DL

/* Define if you want to emulate SGI (IRIX 4) dynamic linking.
   This is rumoured to work on VAX (Ultrix), Sun3 (SunOS 3.4),
   Sequent Symmetry (Dynix), and Atari ST.
   This requires the "dl-dld" library,,
   as well as the "GNU dld" library,
   Don't bother on SunOS 4 or 5, they already have dynamic linking using
   shared libraries */ 
#undef WITH_DL_DLD

/* Define if you want to compile in rudimentary thread support */

/* Define if you want to use the GNU readline library */

/* Leave that blank line there-- autoheader needs it! */