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This directory contains various demonstrations of what you can do with
Python.  Most demos are grouped sub(sub*)directories according to
required optional built-in modules or specific platform; there is also
a set of generally useful scripts and there are some more-or-less
complete applications.

classes		Some examples of how to use classes.

embed		An example of embedding Python in another application.

ibrowse		An Emacs info file browser (uses stdwin).
		See also ../doc (the Python library documentation can
		be converted to info format).

md5test		Test program for the optional md5 module.

rpc		A set of classes for building clients and servers for
		Sun RPC.

rsa		An RSA public-key cryptosystem (needs mpz and md5).

scripts		Some useful Python scripts that I put in my bin
		directory.  No optional built-in modules needed.

sockets		Examples for the new built-in module 'socket'.

sgi		Demos that only run on Silicon Graphics machines.
		These require at least one of the optional built-in
		modules that only make sense for the SGI, such as
		'gl', 'al', and 'sv'.  Split in subdirectories
		per subject.

stdwin		Demos that use the STDWIN library.  Require the 'stdwin'
		built-in module.

threads		Demos that use the 'thread' module.  (Currently these
		only run on SGIs, but this may change in the future.)

WARNING: many scripts are executable and have a first line saying

	#! /usr/local/bin/python

This is unlikely to give good results unless you've really installed
the latest version python there.  Edit the first line before
installing such scripts; to try them out, you can just say "python
foo.py" or enter python interactively and say "import foo".