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To:  python-list
Subject: comp.lang.python RFD again
From: Guido.van.Rossum@cwi.nl

I've followed the recent discussion and trimmed the blurb RFD down a bit
(and added the word "object-oriented" to the blurb).

I don't think it's too early to *try* to create the newsgroup --
whether we will succeed may depend on how many Python supporters there
are outside the mailing list.

I'm personally not worried about moderation, and anyway I haven't
heard from any volunteers for moderation (and I won't volunteer
myself) so I suggest that we'll continue to ask for one unmoderated

My next action will be to post an updated FAQ (which will hint at the
upcoming RFD) to comp.lang.misc; then finalize the 1.0.0 release and
put it on the ftp site.  I'll also try to get it into
comp.sources.unix or .misc.  And all this before the end of January!

--Guido van Rossum, CWI, Amsterdam <Guido.van.Rossum@cwi.nl>
URL:  <http://www.cwi.nl/cwi/people/Guido.van.Rossum.html>


These are the steps required (in case you don't know about the
newsgroup creation process):

First, we need to draw up an RFD (Request For Discussion).  This is a
document that tells what the purpose of the group is, and gives a case
for its creation.  We post this to relevant groups (comp.lang.misc,
the mailing list, news.groups, etc.)  Discussion is held on

Then, after a few weeks, we run the official CFV (Call For Votes).
The votes are then collected over a period of weeks.  We need 100 more
yes votes than no votes, and a 2/3 majority, to get the group.

There are some restrictions on the vote taker: [s]he cannot actively
campaign for/against the group during the vote process.  So the main
benefit to Steve instead of me running the vote is that I will be free
to campaign for its creation!

The following is our current draft for the RFD.


Request For Discussion: comp.lang.python


The newsgroup will be for discussion on the Python computer language.
Possible topics include requests for information, general programming,
development, and bug reports. The group will be unmoderated.

What is Python?

Python is a relatively new very-high-level language developed in
Amsterdam.  Python is a simple, object-oriented procedural language,
with features taken from ABC, Icon, Modula-3, and C/C++.

Its central goal is to provide the best of both worlds: the dynamic
nature of scripting languages like Perl/TCL/REXX, but also support for
general programming found in the more traditional languages like Icon,
C, Modula,...

Python may be FTP'd from the following sites:

	ftp.cwi.nl in directory /pub/python (its "home site", also has a FAQ)
	ftp.uu.net in directory /languages/python
	gatekeeper.dec.com in directory /pub/plan/python/cwi


Currently there is a mailing list with over 130 subscribers.
The activity of this list is high, and to make handling the
traffic more reasonable, a newsgroup is being proposed. We
also feel that comp.lang.misc would not be a suitable forum
for this volume of discussion on a particular language.


Comp.lang.python is an unmoderated newsgroup which will serve
as a forum for discussing the Python computer language. The
group will serve both those who just program in Python and
those who work on developing the language. Topics that
may be discussed include:

	- announcements of new versions of the language and
	  applications written in Python.

	- discussion on the internals of the Python language.

	- general information about the language.

	- discussion on programming in Python.


Any objections to this RFD will be considered and, if determined
to be appropriate, will be incorporated. The discussion period
will be for a period of 21 days after which the first CFV will be