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Building a MacPython distribution

The ``build-install.py`` script creates MacPython distributions, including
sleepycat db4, sqlite3 and readline support.  It builds a complete 
framework-based Python out-of-tree, installs it in a funny place with 
$DESTROOT, massages that installation to remove .pyc files and such, creates 
an Installer package from the installation plus other files in ``resources`` 
and ``scripts`` and placed that on a ``.dmg`` disk image.


* A MacOS X 10.4 (or later)

* XCode 2.2 (or later), with the universal SDK

* No Fink (in ``/sw``) or DarwinPorts (in ``/opt/local``), those could
  interfere with the build.

* The documentation for the release must be available on python.org
  because it is included in the installer.

The Recipe

Here are the steps you need to follow to build a MacPython installer:

*  Run ``./build-installer.py``. Optionally you can pass a number of arguments
   to specify locations of various files. Please see the top of
  ``build-installer.py`` for its usage.

  Running this script takes some time, I will not only build Python itself
  but also some 3th-party libraries that are needed for extensions.

* When done the script will tell you where the DMG image is (by default
  somewhere in ``/tmp/_py``).

Building a 4-way universal installer

It is also possible to build a 4-way universal installer that runs on 
OSX Leopard or later::

  $ ./build-installer.py --dep-target=10.5 --universal-archs=all --sdk=/

This requires that the deployment target is 10.5 (or later), and hence
also that your building on at least OSX 10.5.


The resulting binaries should work on MacOSX 10.3.9 or later. I usually run
the installer on a 10.3.9, a 10.4.x PPC and a 10.4.x Intel system and then
run the testsuite to make sure.


(This is mostly of historic interest)

When all is done, announcements can be posted to at least the following
-   pythonmac-sig@python.org
-   python-dev@python.org
-   python-announce@python.org
-   archivist@info-mac.org
-   adcnews@apple.com
-   news@macnn.com
-   http://www.macupdate.com
-   http://guide.apple.com/usindex.lasso
-   http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/submit
-   http://www.versiontracker.com/ (userid Jack.Jansen@oratrix.com)
-   http://www.macshareware.net (userid jackjansen)

Also, check out Stephan Deibels http://pythonology.org/market contact list