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This archive contains the standard Python documentation in GNU info
format.  Five manuals are included:

    python-ref.info*	Python Reference Manual
    python-mac.info*	Python Macintosh Modules
    python-lib.info*	Python Library Reference
    python-ext.info*	Extending and Embedding the Python Interpreter
    python-api.info*	Python/C API Reference
    python-tut.info*	Python Tutorial

The file python.dir is a fragment of a "dir" file that can be used to
incorporate these documents into an existing GNU info installation:
insert the contents of this file into the "dir" or "localdir" file at
an appropriate point and copy the python-*.info* files to the same

Thanks go to Milan Zamazal <pdm@zamazal.org> for providing this
conversion to the info format.

Questions and comments on these documents should be directed to
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