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Python 3000 Release Notes

Release notes describe unfinished work in particular releases.

Please report bugs to http://bugs.python.org/.

Version 3.0a1 - Release Date 31-Aug-2007

* SSL support is disabled.  This causes test_ssl to be skipped.
  The new SSL support in the 2.6 trunk (with server-side support and
  certificate verification) will be ported for 3.0a2.

* If you don't have `openssl <http://www.openssl.org>`_ installed, or
  a version older than 0.9.7, hashlib is non-functional, which means
  there is no way to compute MD5 checksums.  This breaks some modules.

* Platform support is reduced.  We've mostly tested on Linux, OSX,
  and Windows.  Solaris is also supported (somewhat).

* There may be additional issues on 64-bit architectures.

* There are still some open issues on Windows.

* Some new features are very fresh, and probably contain bugs: the new
  format() method on strings (PEP 3101), the strict separation of
  bytes and strings, the new buffer API (PEP 3118).

* IDLE still has some open issues.  If you can't run it at all, try
  "idle -n" which disables the separate subprocess for the