1. Armin Rigo
  2. cpython-withatomic


cpython-withatomic / Lib / _compat_pickle.py

# This module is used to map the old Python 2 names to the new names used in
# Python 3 for the pickle module.  This needed to make pickle streams
# generated with Python 2 loadable by Python 3.

# This is a copy of lib2to3.fixes.fix_imports.MAPPING.  We cannot import
# lib2to3 and use the mapping defined there, because lib2to3 uses pickle.
# Thus, this could cause the module to be imported recursively.
    'StringIO':  'io',
    'cStringIO': 'io',
    'cPickle': 'pickle',
    '__builtin__' : 'builtins',
    'copy_reg': 'copyreg',
    'Queue': 'queue',
    'SocketServer': 'socketserver',
    'ConfigParser': 'configparser',
    'repr': 'reprlib',
    'FileDialog': 'tkinter.filedialog',
    'tkFileDialog': 'tkinter.filedialog',
    'SimpleDialog': 'tkinter.simpledialog',
    'tkSimpleDialog': 'tkinter.simpledialog',
    'tkColorChooser': 'tkinter.colorchooser',
    'tkCommonDialog': 'tkinter.commondialog',
    'Dialog': 'tkinter.dialog',
    'Tkdnd': 'tkinter.dnd',
    'tkFont': 'tkinter.font',
    'tkMessageBox': 'tkinter.messagebox',
    'ScrolledText': 'tkinter.scrolledtext',
    'Tkconstants': 'tkinter.constants',
    'Tix': 'tkinter.tix',
    'ttk': 'tkinter.ttk',
    'Tkinter': 'tkinter',
    'markupbase': '_markupbase',
    '_winreg': 'winreg',
    'thread': '_thread',
    'dummy_thread': '_dummy_thread',
    'dbhash': 'dbm.bsd',
    'dumbdbm': 'dbm.dumb',
    'dbm': 'dbm.ndbm',
    'gdbm': 'dbm.gnu',
    'xmlrpclib': 'xmlrpc.client',
    'DocXMLRPCServer': 'xmlrpc.server',
    'SimpleXMLRPCServer': 'xmlrpc.server',
    'httplib': 'http.client',
    'htmlentitydefs' : 'html.entities',
    'HTMLParser' : 'html.parser',
    'Cookie': 'http.cookies',
    'cookielib': 'http.cookiejar',
    'BaseHTTPServer': 'http.server',
    'SimpleHTTPServer': 'http.server',
    'CGIHTTPServer': 'http.server',
    'test.test_support': 'test.support',
    'commands': 'subprocess',
    'UserString' : 'collections',
    'UserList' : 'collections',
    'urlparse' : 'urllib.parse',
    'robotparser' : 'urllib.robotparser',
    'whichdb': 'dbm',
    'anydbm': 'dbm'

# This contains rename rules that are easy to handle.  We ignore the more
# complex stuff (e.g. mapping the names in the urllib and types modules).
# These rules should be run before import names are fixed.
    ('__builtin__', 'xrange'):     ('builtins', 'range'),
    ('__builtin__', 'reduce'):     ('functools', 'reduce'),
    ('__builtin__', 'intern'):     ('sys', 'intern'),
    ('__builtin__', 'unichr'):     ('builtins', 'chr'),
    ('__builtin__', 'basestring'): ('builtins', 'str'),
    ('__builtin__', 'long'):       ('builtins', 'int'),
    ('itertools', 'izip'):         ('builtins', 'zip'),
    ('itertools', 'imap'):         ('builtins', 'map'),
    ('itertools', 'ifilter'):      ('builtins', 'filter'),
    ('itertools', 'ifilterfalse'): ('itertools', 'filterfalse'),

# Same, but for 3.x to 2.x
REVERSE_IMPORT_MAPPING = dict((v, k) for (k, v) in IMPORT_MAPPING.items())
REVERSE_NAME_MAPPING = dict((v, k) for (k, v) in NAME_MAPPING.items())