cpython-withatomic / Include / pystate.h

The branch '2.1' does not exist.

/* Thread and interpreter state structures and their interfaces */

#ifndef Py_PYSTATE_H
#define Py_PYSTATE_H
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

/* State shared between threads */

struct _ts; /* Forward */
struct _is; /* Forward */

typedef struct _is {

    struct _is *next;
    struct _ts *tstate_head;

    PyObject *modules;
    PyObject *sysdict;
    PyObject *builtins;

    int checkinterval;

} PyInterpreterState;

/* State unique per thread */

struct _frame; /* Avoid including frameobject.h */

typedef struct _ts {

    struct _ts *next;
    PyInterpreterState *interp;

    struct _frame *frame;
    int recursion_depth;
    int ticker;
    int tracing;

    PyObject *sys_profilefunc;
    PyObject *sys_tracefunc;

    PyObject *curexc_type;
    PyObject *curexc_value;
    PyObject *curexc_traceback;

    PyObject *exc_type;
    PyObject *exc_value;
    PyObject *exc_traceback;

    PyObject *dict;

    /* XXX signal handlers should also be here */

} PyThreadState;

DL_IMPORT(PyInterpreterState *) PyInterpreterState_New(void);
DL_IMPORT(void) PyInterpreterState_Clear(PyInterpreterState *);
DL_IMPORT(void) PyInterpreterState_Delete(PyInterpreterState *);

DL_IMPORT(PyThreadState *) PyThreadState_New(PyInterpreterState *);
DL_IMPORT(void) PyThreadState_Clear(PyThreadState *);
DL_IMPORT(void) PyThreadState_Delete(PyThreadState *);
DL_IMPORT(void) PyThreadState_DeleteCurrent(void);

DL_IMPORT(PyThreadState *) PyThreadState_Get(void);
DL_IMPORT(PyThreadState *) PyThreadState_Swap(PyThreadState *);
DL_IMPORT(PyObject *) PyThreadState_GetDict(void);

/* Variable and macro for in-line access to current thread state */

extern DL_IMPORT(PyThreadState *) _PyThreadState_Current;

#ifdef Py_DEBUG
#define PyThreadState_GET() PyThreadState_Get()
#define PyThreadState_GET() (_PyThreadState_Current)

#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* !Py_PYSTATE_H */