cpython-withatomic / Lib /

"""Constants for interpreting the results of os.statvfs() and os.fstatvfs()."""

# Indices for statvfs struct members in the tuple returned by
# os.statvfs() and os.fstatvfs().

F_BSIZE   = 0           # Preferred file system block size
F_FRSIZE  = 1           # Fundamental file system block size
F_BLOCKS  = 2           # Total number of file system blocks (FRSIZE)
F_BFREE   = 3           # Total number of free blocks
F_BAVAIL  = 4           # Free blocks available to non-superuser
F_FILES   = 5           # Total number of file nodes
F_FFREE   = 6           # Total number of free file nodes
F_FAVAIL  = 7           # Free nodes available to non-superuser
F_FLAG    = 8           # Flags (see your local statvfs man page)
F_NAMEMAX = 9           # Maximum file name length
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