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This is a simple web tree checker, useful to find bad links in a web
tree.  It currently checks links pointing within the same subweb for
validity.  The main program is "webchecker.py".  See its doc string
(or invoke it with the option "-?") for more defails.


- Jan 1997.  First release.  The module robotparser.py was written by
Skip Montanaro; the rest is original work by Guido van Rossum.

- May 1999.  Sam Bayer contributed a new version, wcnew.py, which
supports checking internal links (#spam fragments in URLs) and some
other options.

- Nov 1999.  Sam Bayer contributed patches to reintegrate wcnew.py
into webchecker.py, and corresponding mods to wcgui.py and

- Mar 2004.  Chris Herborth contributed a patch to let webchecker.py
handle XHTML's 'id' attribute.