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This directory contains a collection of executable Python scripts.

See also the Tools/scripts directory!

beer.py                 Print the classic 'bottles of beer' list
eqfix.py                Fix .py files to use the correct equality test operator
fact.py                 Factorize numbers
find-uname.py           Search for Unicode characters using regexps
from.py                 Summarize mailbox
lpwatch.py              Watch BSD line printer queues
makedir.py              Like mkdir -p
markov.py               Markov chain simulation of words or characters
mboxconvert.py          Convert MH or MMDF mailboxes to unix mailbox format
morse.py                Produce morse code (as an AIFF file)
newslist.py             List all newsgroups on a NNTP server as HTML pages
pi.py                   Print all digits of pi -- given enough time and memory
pp.py                   Emulate some Perl command line options
primes.py               Print prime numbers
queens.py               Dijkstra's solution to Wirth's "N Queens problem"
script.py               Equivalent to BSD script(1) -- by Steen Lumholt
unbirthday.py           Print unbirthday count
update.py               Update a bunch of files according to a script