cpython-withatomic / Include / code.h

/* Definitions for bytecode */

#ifndef Py_CODE_H
#define Py_CODE_H
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

/* Bytecode object */
typedef struct {
    int co_argcount;		/* #arguments, except *args */
    int co_kwonlyargcount;	/* #keyword only arguments */
    int co_nlocals;		/* #local variables */
    int co_stacksize;		/* #entries needed for evaluation stack */
    int co_flags;		/* CO_..., see below */
    PyObject *co_code;		/* instruction opcodes */
    PyObject *co_consts;	/* list (constants used) */
    PyObject *co_names;		/* list of strings (names used) */
    PyObject *co_varnames;	/* tuple of strings (local variable names) */
    PyObject *co_freevars;	/* tuple of strings (free variable names) */
    PyObject *co_cellvars;      /* tuple of strings (cell variable names) */
    /* The rest doesn't count for hash or comparisons */
    PyObject *co_filename;	/* unicode (where it was loaded from) */
    PyObject *co_name;		/* unicode (name, for reference) */
    int co_firstlineno;		/* first source line number */
    PyObject *co_lnotab;	/* string (encoding addr<->lineno mapping) See
				   Objects/lnotab_notes.txt for details. */
    void *co_zombieframe;     /* for optimization only (see frameobject.c) */
    PyObject *co_weakreflist;   /* to support weakrefs to code objects */
} PyCodeObject;

/* Masks for co_flags above */
#define CO_OPTIMIZED	0x0001
#define CO_NEWLOCALS	0x0002
#define CO_VARARGS	0x0004
#define CO_VARKEYWORDS	0x0008
#define CO_NESTED       0x0010
#define CO_GENERATOR    0x0020
/* The CO_NOFREE flag is set if there are no free or cell variables.
   This information is redundant, but it allows a single flag test
   to determine whether there is any extra work to be done when the
   call frame it setup.
#define CO_NOFREE       0x0040

/* These are no longer used. */
#if 0
#define CO_GENERATOR_ALLOWED    0x1000
#define CO_FUTURE_DIVISION    	0x2000
#define CO_FUTURE_ABSOLUTE_IMPORT 0x4000 /* do absolute imports by default */

#define CO_FUTURE_BARRY_AS_BDFL  0x40000

/* This should be defined if a future statement modifies the syntax.
   For example, when a keyword is added.

#define CO_MAXBLOCKS 20 /* Max static block nesting within a function */

PyAPI_DATA(PyTypeObject) PyCode_Type;

#define PyCode_Check(op) (Py_TYPE(op) == &PyCode_Type)
#define PyCode_GetNumFree(op) (PyTuple_GET_SIZE((op)->co_freevars))

/* Public interface */
PyAPI_FUNC(PyCodeObject *) PyCode_New(
	int, int, int, int, int, PyObject *, PyObject *,
	PyObject *, PyObject *, PyObject *, PyObject *,
	PyObject *, PyObject *, int, PyObject *); 
        /* same as struct above */

/* Creates a new empty code object with the specified source location. */
PyAPI_FUNC(PyCodeObject *)
PyCode_NewEmpty(const char *filename, const char *funcname, int firstlineno);

/* Return the line number associated with the specified bytecode index
   in this code object.  If you just need the line number of a frame,
   use PyFrame_GetLineNumber() instead. */
PyAPI_FUNC(int) PyCode_Addr2Line(PyCodeObject *, int);

/* for internal use only */
typedef struct _addr_pair {
        int ap_lower;
        int ap_upper;
} PyAddrPair;

/* Update *bounds to describe the first and one-past-the-last instructions in the
   same line as lasti.  Return the number of that line.
PyAPI_FUNC(int) _PyCode_CheckLineNumber(PyCodeObject* co,
                                        int lasti, PyAddrPair *bounds);

PyAPI_FUNC(PyObject*) PyCode_Optimize(PyObject *code, PyObject* consts,
                                      PyObject *names, PyObject *lineno_obj);

/* List of weak references to all code objects. The list is used by
   initfsencoding() to redecode code filenames at startup if the filesystem
   encoding changes. At initfsencoding() exit, the list is set to NULL and it
   is no more used. */

extern PyObject *_Py_code_object_list;

#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* !Py_CODE_H */
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