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# Temporary file name allocation
# XXX This tries to be not UNIX specific, but I don't know beans about
# how to choose a temp directory or filename on MS-DOS or other
# systems so it may have to be changed...

import os

# Parameters that the caller may set to override the defaults

tempdir = None
template = None

# Function to calculate the directory to use

def gettempdir():
    global tempdir
    if tempdir is not None:
	return tempdir
    attempdirs = ['/usr/tmp', '/tmp', os.getcwd(), os.curdir]
    if == 'nt':
	attempdirs.insert(0, 'C:\\TEMP')
	attempdirs.insert(0, '\\TEMP')
    if os.environ.has_key('TMPDIR'):
	attempdirs.insert(0, os.environ['TMPDIR'])
    testfile = gettempprefix() + 'test'
    for dir in attempdirs:
	    filename = os.path.join(dir, testfile)
	    fp = open(filename, 'w')
	    tempdir = dir
	except IOError:
    if tempdir is None:
	msg = "Can't find a usable temporary directory amongst " + `attempdirs`
	raise IOError, msg
    return tempdir

# Function to calculate a prefix of the filename to use

def gettempprefix():
	global template
	if template == None:
		if == 'posix':
			template = '@' + `os.getpid()` + '.'
			template = 'tmp' # XXX might choose a better one
	return template

# Counter for generating unique names

counter = 0

# User-callable function to return a unique temporary file name

def mktemp():
	global counter
	dir = gettempdir()
	pre = gettempprefix()
	while 1:
		counter = counter + 1
		file = os.path.join(dir, pre + `counter`)
		if not os.path.exists(file):
			return file