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This is release 1.2 of modulator, a generator of boilerplate code for
modules to be written in C.

Difference between 1.2 and 1.1: __doc__ templates are now generated
(thanks to Jim Fulton).

Difference between 1.1 and 1.0: the templates now use "new-style"
naming conventions. Many thanks to Chak Tan <tan@ee.rochester.edu> for
supplying them.

Usage when you have tk is *really* simple: start modulator, fill out
the forms specifying all the objects and methods, tell modulator
whether objects should also be accessible as sequences, etc and press
'generate code'. It will write a complete skeleton module for you.

Usage when you don't have tk is slightly more difficult. Look at
EXAMPLE.py for some details.

Oh yeah: you'll probably want to change Templates/copyright, or all
your code ends up as being copyrighted to CWI:-)

Let me know what you think,
				Jack Jansen, jack@cwi.nl