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# Module 'os2emxpath' -- common operations on OS/2 pathnames
"""Common pathname manipulations, OS/2 EMX version.

Instead of importing this module directly, import os and refer to this
module as os.path.

import os
import stat
from genericpath import *
from ntpath import (expanduser, expandvars, isabs, islink, splitdrive,
                    splitext, split, walk)

__all__ = ["normcase","isabs","join","splitdrive","split","splitext",
           "getatime","getctime", "islink","exists","lexists","isdir","isfile",

# strings representing various path-related bits and pieces
curdir = '.'
pardir = '..'
extsep = '.'
sep = '/'
altsep = '\\'
pathsep = ';'
defpath = '.;C:\\bin'
devnull = 'nul'

# Normalize the case of a pathname and map slashes to backslashes.
# Other normalizations (such as optimizing '../' away) are not done
# (this is done by normpath).

def normcase(s):
    """Normalize case of pathname.

    Makes all characters lowercase and all altseps into seps."""
    return s.replace('\\', '/').lower()

# Join two (or more) paths.

def join(a, *p):
    """Join two or more pathname components, inserting sep as needed"""
    path = a
    for b in p:
        if isabs(b):
            path = b
        elif path == '' or path[-1:] in '/\\:':
            path = path + b
            path = path + '/' + b
    return path

# Parse UNC paths
def splitunc(p):
    """Split a pathname into UNC mount point and relative path specifiers.

    Return a 2-tuple (unc, rest); either part may be empty.
    If unc is not empty, it has the form '//host/mount' (or similar
    using backslashes).  unc+rest is always the input path.
    Paths containing drive letters never have an UNC part.
    if p[1:2] == ':':
        return '', p # Drive letter present
    firstTwo = p[0:2]
    if firstTwo == '/' * 2 or firstTwo == '\\' * 2:
        # is a UNC path:
        # vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv equivalent to drive letter
        # \\machine\mountpoint\directories...
        #           directory ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        normp = normcase(p)
        index = normp.find('/', 2)
        if index == -1:
            ##raise RuntimeError, 'illegal UNC path: "' + p + '"'
            return ("", p)
        index = normp.find('/', index + 1)
        if index == -1:
            index = len(p)
        return p[:index], p[index:]
    return '', p

# Return the tail (basename) part of a path.

def basename(p):
    """Returns the final component of a pathname"""
    return split(p)[1]

# Return the head (dirname) part of a path.

def dirname(p):
    """Returns the directory component of a pathname"""
    return split(p)[0]

# alias exists to lexists
lexists = exists

# Is a path a directory?

# Is a path a mount point?  Either a root (with or without drive letter)
# or an UNC path with at most a / or \ after the mount point.

def ismount(path):
    """Test whether a path is a mount point (defined as root of drive)"""
    unc, rest = splitunc(path)
    if unc:
        return rest in ("", "/", "\\")
    p = splitdrive(path)[1]
    return len(p) == 1 and p[0] in '/\\'

# Normalize a path, e.g. A//B, A/./B and A/foo/../B all become A/B.

def normpath(path):
    """Normalize path, eliminating double slashes, etc."""
    path = path.replace('\\', '/')
    prefix, path = splitdrive(path)
    while path[:1] == '/':
        prefix = prefix + '/'
        path = path[1:]
    comps = path.split('/')
    i = 0
    while i < len(comps):
        if comps[i] == '.':
            del comps[i]
        elif comps[i] == '..' and i > 0 and comps[i-1] not in ('', '..'):
            del comps[i-1:i+1]
            i = i - 1
        elif comps[i] == '' and i > 0 and comps[i-1] != '':
            del comps[i]
            i = i + 1
    # If the path is now empty, substitute '.'
    if not prefix and not comps:
    return prefix + '/'.join(comps)

# Return an absolute path.
def abspath(path):
    """Return the absolute version of a path"""
    if not isabs(path):
        if isinstance(path, unicode):
            cwd = os.getcwdu()
            cwd = os.getcwd()
        path = join(cwd, path)
    return normpath(path)

# realpath is a no-op on systems without islink support
realpath = abspath

supports_unicode_filenames = False
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