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\chapter{Cryptographic Services}

The modules described in this chapter implement various algorithms of
a cryptographic nature.  They are available at the discretion of the
installation.  Here's an overview:


--- RSA's MD5 message digest algorithm.

--- Interface to the GNU MP library for arbitrary precision arithmetic.

--- Enigma-like encryption and decryption.


Hardcore cypherpunks will probably find the cryptographic modules
written by Andrew Kuchling of further interest; the package adds
built-in modules for DES and IDEA encryption, provides a Python module
for reading and decrypting PGP files, and then some.  These modules
are not distributed with Python but available separately.  See the URL
\file{http://www.magnet.com/~amk/python/pct.html} or send email to
\file{amk@magnet.com} for more information.