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How to build Python from a source distribution.

NOTE: These notes are for building a Python from a machine-independent
source distribution, *not* for building a Python from a mac-specific
source distribution.

You will need a Python source distribution in tar form. So, the
first thing you need is a tar program for the mac. Suntar is
reasonable and can be found at the info-mac sites. Edit the
preferences to make it extract C sources with creator CWIE
and .py files as text files with creator Pyth, this will save
you work later.

You will also need CodeWarrior 11. If you have another development
environment you are on your own, basically.

When you've extracted everything you may have to unpack the
.hqx files in Mac:Resources and Mac:mwerks:Projects (but suntar
may have done this for you already).

You have to remove Modules:fmmodule.c, the SGI fm module, which has a
name conflict with the Mac Fmmodule.c.

Next, create your build directories. I use the following naming
build.macppc.shared		PowerPC shared-library
build.mac68k.stand		68K non-shared
and there are also projects for ppc standalone and some others, they
may be useful at times. The project files expect the build directories
to be located right in the main python folder, if you put them elsewhere
you will have to edit the access paths.

Move MWCPythonCoreRuntime.�, PythonCore.�, PythonPPC.� and
PythonApplet.� (from the Mac:mwerks:projects folder) to
build.macppc.shared, move Python68K.� to build.mac68k.stand.

Now, your folder structure more-or-less resembles that of what comes
with the mac source distribution. Read the file Mac:Demo:building.html
for further instructions.

			Jack Jansen, CWI, 28 May 1997.
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