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The branch 'legacy-trunk' does not exist.
This is the Python 1.5.1 plugin development distribution. It should be loaded
on top of a 1.5.1 binary distribution and enables you to create plugin modules
without having a full source distribution available. The contents of folders
whose names start with INTO should be merged into the corresponding folders.

One example project is included, PlugIns:xx.prj

More information can be found in the following files:

Mac:ReadMe				ReadMe file for the normal (binary) distribution
Relnotes				Release notes, listing changes from previous releases
Readmefiles				Readme files as supplied by Guido (platform independent changes)
Mac:Demo:building.html	Instructions for building Python, folder structure, etc.

This distribution usually lives somewhere under http://www.cwi.nl/~jack/macpython.html
or ftp://ftp.cwi.nl/pub/jack/python/mac.

	Jack Jansen, <jack@cwi.nl>, 27-Apr-98
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