cpython-withatomic / Objects / typeslots.py

# Usage: typeslots.py < Include/typeslots.h > typeslots.inc

import sys, re

print("/* Generated by typeslots.py */")
res = {}
for line in sys.stdin:
    m = re.match("#define Py_([a-z_]+) ([0-9]+)", line)
    if not m:
    member = m.group(1)
    if member.startswith("tp_"):
        member = "ht_type."+member
    elif member.startswith("nb_"):
        member = "as_number."+member
    elif member.startswith("mp_"):
        member = "as_mapping."+member
    elif member.startswith("sq_"):
        member = "as_sequence."+member
    elif member.startswith("bf_"):
        member = "as_buffer."+member
    res[int(m.group(2))] = member

M = max(res.keys())+1
for i in range(1,M):
    if i in res:
        print("offsetof(PyHeapTypeObject, %s)," % res[i])
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