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<dd>This is documentation for the BeOS-specific 
	<code>PyImport_BeImageID()</code> function defined in 
	<tt>Python/importdl.c</tt>; it should be merged with the
	<cite>Importing Modules</cite> section of the <cite>Python/C API</cite> 
	reference (or it should be the first member of a BeOS-specific 
	document in the <tt>BeOS</tt> directory).</dd>


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<dt><code>image_id <b>PyImport_BeImageID</b>( char *<i>name</i> )</code></dt>

<dd>Return the BeOS image ID (see the
	<a href="file:///boot/beos/documentation/Be%20Book/The%20Kernel%20Kit/Images.html">Images</a>
	section in the 
	<a href="file:///boot/beos/documentation/Be%20Book/The%20Kernel%20Kit/index.html">Kernel 
	Kit</a>) for the module object corresponding to a module <i>name</i>.
	If the specified module is not dynamically loaded, 
	<code>PyImport_BeImageID()</code> will return <code>B_ERROR</code>,
	otherwise it will return a valid <code>image_id</code>.

	<p>Using <code>PyImport_BeImageID()</code> outside of a BeOS-specific
	module is probably a very bad idea.</p></dd>


<p>Function added by Donn Cave 
(<a href=""><tt></tt></a>),
documented by Chris Herborth
(<a href=""><tt></tt></a>).</p>