cpython-withatomic / PC / dllbase_nt.txt

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In Win32, DLL's are "pre-linked" using a specified base address.
When the DLL is loaded, an attempt is made to place it at
that address.  If that address is already in use, a new base address
is selected, and the DLL subject to fixups.  Apparently, these
fixups are very slow, and significant performance gains can be
made by selecting a good base address.

This document is to allocate base addresses to core Python 
and Python .PYD files, to give a better change of optimal performance.
This base address is passed to the linker using the /BASE
command line switch.

Python.dll                 - 1e100000 - 1e180000 (-1)
Standard Extension Modules 1e180000 - 1e200000  ""
 - bsddb                     1e180000 - 1e188000  ""
 - _tkinter                  1e190000 - 1e1A0000
 - parser                    1e1A0000 - 1e1B0000
 - zlib                      1e1B0000 - 1e1C0000
 - winreg                    1e1C0000 - 1e1D0000
 - _socket                   1e1D0000 - 1e1E0000
 - _sre                      1e1E0000 - 1e1F0000
 - mmap                      1e1F0000 - 1e1FFFFF

More standard extensions 1D100000 - 1e000000
 - pyexpat                   1D100000 - 1D110000
 - select                    1D110000 - 1D120000
 - unicodedata               1D120000 - 1D130000
 - winsound                  1D130000 - 1D140000

Other extension modules
 - win32api                  1e200000 - 1e220000
 - win32ras                  1e220000 - 1e230000
 - win32lz                   1e230000 - 1e240000
 - timer                     1e240000 - 1e250000
 - mmapfile                  1e250000 - 1e260000
 - win32pipe                 1e260000 - 1e270000
 - avl                       1e270000 - 1e270000
 - dbhash                    1e280000 - 1e290000
 - win32net                  1e290000 - 1e2A0000
 - win32security             1e2A0000 - 1e2B0000
 - win32print                1e2B0000 - 1e2c0000
 - <nspi is dead too??>      1e2d0000 - 1e2e0000
 - win32gui                  1e2e0000 - 1e2f0000
 - _imaging                  1e2f0000 - 1e300000
 - multiarray                1e300000 - 1e310000
 - win32help                 1e310000 - 1e320000
 - win32clipboard            1e320000 - 1e330000

 win32ui                     1e400000 - 1e500000
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