pyd cannot wrap functions with user defined types as parameters

Issue #8 resolved
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such as this:

class Bizzy4 { void foo(Bizzy4 other) { } }


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  1. Ariovistus reporter

    because getparams naively mixes in param type names instead of the available alias.

    affects Init, Def, and Property.

    fix is simple, but because of dmd issue 8424 we would then lose double default parameters.

  2. Giuseppe Puoti

    Hi Ariovistus, this issue seams to limit the use of pyd (a lot) in non trivial projects, don't you agree? Do you think this will be fixed soon?

    If i understend it exactly, the problem apply also at methods like in the example below:

    class A { ... } class B { void foo(A param) { } }

    is it true? i think it is, i've just done a little test.

  3. Ariovistus reporter

    Yes it does, and introducing it was the most embarrassing thing I have done this year. Unfortunately, I have been away from internet since august, so I haven't been able to push out the fix, which turned out to be easier than I thought.

    But I'm back now.

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