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Welcome to Pyd!

Pyd is currently under development, and is in the middle of API changes (

This package is composed of two separate parts:

  • CeleriD - An extension to Python's Distutils that is aware of D.
  • Pyd - A library for D that wraps the Python API.

CeleriD was originally written by David Rushby, and Pyd is written by Kirk McDonald. Pyd uses a number of additional libraries; see credits.txt for details. These libraries are contained in the "infrastructure" directory.


In the easiest case, you just need to say:

python install

while in the root directory of the project. This will place CeleriD in Python's site-packages directory, and Pyd lives inside of CeleriD.

The easiest time will be had if both D and Python are on the system's PATH. This is not required, however:

  • On Windows, only the DMD compiler is supported. If it is not found on the PATH, CeleriD will check the DMD_BIN environment variable.
  • On Linux, currently the LDC compiler is supported. If it is not found on the PATH, CeleriD will check the LDC_BIN environment variable.

Examples of using Pyd may be found in the "examples" directory. For full documentation, check the wiki:

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