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pyd / Status

The following details the current/desired status of Pyd and lists the things that need to happen before an official release can be, er, released.

Platform Support

Windows XP???xxxx
Windows 7???xxxx
Fedora Linux?????
Ubuntu Linux?????

Assume x86 and x86_64 architecture. Other operating systems can and should be supported, but these need to work.

Other python distributions

  • PyPy 2.0
    TODO. Has the mechanics for extensions only. Would like to support it with minimal changes to Pyd's D API.

Compiler Support

DMD / Windows
DMD / Windows 64 bit?
DMD / Linux
DMD / Linux 64 bit
DMD / FreeBSD?
GDC / Windows?
GDC / Linuxembedding only
GDC / FreeBSD?
LDC / Windows?
LDC / Linuxembedding only
LDC / FreeBSD?

Generally, we're going to keep up with the latest DMDfe and not support older versions, at least while D's shared library support is still being fleshed out. For embedding, DMDfe 2.060 or newer is currently supported for DMD, GDC, and LDC. For extensions, DMD 2.063 is currently supported.


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