Home-made VGA test box

Author:   Arjan Scherpenisse
Date:     April 25, 2009

These collection of files were initially released to the public as a
result of the "VGA test box" workshop at LiWoLi, Linz, Austria, in
April 2009; and are still in continued development.


 * doc/ -- All documentation files: a PDF with the workshop soldering
  instruction; a ODP slideshow presentation with the slides, and PNG
  images of the individual slides.


 * vga.asm -- the main file. Compile this using gpasm or any other PIC
  compiler like MPASM. vga.asm will include -- the actual
  24x13 pixel data. Burn the resulting hex file onto a PIC16F627 
 * -- A python Assembly code generator. It will input any
  image file (using PIL), and generate assemblu on the standard output.
A typical workflow is that you'll use to operate on a
certain PNG image, redirecting its output to When you
then compile vga.asm, the file is used to display the image.

The vga628.asm and exist to enable the program also to
work on a PIC16F628A. It has a slightly higher resolution: 24x16.

png/ contains images/logos which were created by the workhop
participants during the workshop, and hex/ contains the resulting,
compiled hex instruction code.


If you have a PIC programmer, then the Makefile will work for you,
doing the generating, assembling and uploading of the PIC:

make piksel.png all


Have fun! And let me know when you do a useful project with it! :-)