a module method to send osc

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Issue #22 open
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It would be nice to have a method similar to the send-osc program, that could send an OSC message from within the Python environment (module)

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  1. Alexandre Quessy

    Ah! I believe what you ask for, apart from an URL parser as noted above, is a non-Twisted function.

    That involves either:

    • 1) implementing the non-Twisted sender
    • 2) creating a simplified function that run and stops the reactor after a timeout, such as 0.05 seconds.

    The option 1 would take some time. (and neither me nor Arjan are much enthusiastic about doing it)

    The option 2 is not really in the philosophy of Twisted... We should rather provide a very simple example that uses a higher-level function, but the programmer would still need to start and stop his reactor himself.

    Anyhow, we'll need to split this ticket in two. :)

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