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txosc: Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol for Twisted

Open Sound Control (OSC) is an open, transport-independent, message-based protocol developed for communication among computers, sound synthesizers, and other multimedia devices.

This library implements OSC version 1.1 over both UDP and TCP for the Twisted Python framework.

Twisted is an event-based framework for internet applications which works on Python 2.3 through 2.6.


It's soon to be in Debian as well.

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Developer Notes

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The protocol is specified in OSC 1.0 specification at and has been further extended in the paper which can be found at U{ Note that this library does not support messages without OSC type tags.

This library also implement a synchronous sender that doesn't require the whole Twisted framework. It should be easy to create OSC receivers with any Python network tools from this library.

Look in the Python examples if you don't want to use Twisted, but use this library to receive using blocking Python networking libraries. See