Install A2PS
$ sudo apt-get install a2ps
Overwrite Ogonkify files
$ sudo apt-get install perl
$ sudo ./instogonki
Print Latin7 text
$ iconv -f utf-8 -t iso8859-13 test.txt | a2ps -2 -X iso-8859-13 -M a4 -f 7.8 -B -o

Ogonkify home page -

This package provides many additional characters (but not all) missing
from original Ogonkify package. This is an unfinished work - only
Courier, Courier Bold, Courier Oblique, Courier Bold Oblique, and
Helvetica fonts are enhanced.

The target is to add most of the Latin{3,4,6,7} characters to all
Courier font flavors, Helvetica, Helvetica Bold, and Times-Roman.

Status - usable.

Current problems and todo:
- Characters need more tuning.
- Check different font sizes, print via Ghostscript and on PostScript printer.
- gcedilla - this is the only character that have cedilla above the
  main glyph. Canonical typeface have cedilla rotated by 180 degrees.
  This is not possible with Ogonkify.
- lcedilla, Rcedilla - not sure these chars looks good.
- eng, Eng - these characters have very specific shape, cannot simulate
  with cedilla. Missing.
- Hstroke - macron is used instead of hyphen because of more elegant
  shape, but its still not wide enough especially in Helvetica. Macron
  position is not stable when varying font sizes (Helvetica), possibly
  Ghostscript (5.50) related. Looks not so good in Courier Bold.
- hstroke - possibly lower macron..
- jcircumflex - there is no dotlessj glyph, circumflex overlaps with a dot.

- latin7/ogonkify.diff - Unified diff against Ogonkify.
- latin7/ogonkify.diff-cmp - Diff against Ogonkify, more compact, easier to read.
- latin7/ - Copy modified fonts to a2ps' Ogonkify directory.
- latin7/chars - Input file for testing.
- latin7/a2ps.cmds - a2ps commands to format and view sample PostScript.

License is GPL, like Ogonkify.

Arkadi Shishlov at