YATE G.72x IPP codecs

  The YATE project aims to be a fully featured software PBX.

  This component provides support for G.723 and G.729 codecs based on Intel(R)
Integrated Performance Primitives for Linux.

  To build first configure the components:

./configure [options]

  --with-yate=DIR         use Yate from DIR (if yate-devel is not installed)
  --with-ipp=DIR          use IPP from DIR (else guesses /opt/intel/ipp/...)
  --with-ippcore=CORE     use specific core (else links for multiple core types)

  If you have more than one IPP installed in /opt/intel/ipp or if you want to
use another one you must specify which to check:

./configure --with-ipp=/home/me/whatever/ipp-6.1

  Then build and optionally install:

make install   (this may need that you run as root)

  If you choose not to install (perhaps you are running Yate from the build
directory) you can create symlinks in this manner:

ln -s g723codec.yate ../yate/modules
ln -s g729codec.yate ../yate/modules

  IPP supported cores are:

px - pentium mmx
a6 - pentium3 sse (removed in IPP 6.0)
w7 - pentium4 sse2
t7 - pentium4 prescott sse3
v8 - core2 ssse3
p8 - core2 penryn, core i7 nehalem sse4.1
s8 - atom (separate install in IPP 6)

mx - older amd64 w/o sse3?
m7 - pentium4 sse3 em64t
u8 - core2 ssse3
y8 - core2 penryn, core i7 nehalem sse4.1
n8 - atom (separate install in IPP 6)

  Itanium is a separate architecture that has no other core types.

  You should specify a core type only if you are sure on which system the codec
is going to be installed. If a codec instance is created on an unsupported
system Yate will abort with an "Illegal instruction" message.

  Note that if you create a codec optimized for Atom it won't run on anything
else as the libraries are separate.