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Implement ack method

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+        if 'id' in packet:
+            self.last_message_id = packet['id']
+        else:
+            self.last_message_id = None
         # TODO: take the packet, and dispatch it, execute connect(), message(),
         #       json(), event(), and this event will call the on_functions().
         if packet['type'] == 'event':
             print "UNprocessed packet", packet
         # TODO: manage the other packet types
+    def ack(self):
+        if not self.last_message_id:
+            print "Last message did not have id, cannot ack"
+            return
+        packet = {'type':'ack',"ackId":self.last_message_id}
+        self.socket.send_packet(packet)
     def process_event(self, pkt):
         """This function dispatches ``event`` messages to the correct functions.
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