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use native target

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 PROG = odec_port
 PROG_BYTE = $(PROG).byte
 PROG_NATIVE = $(PROG).native
 SRC_DIRS = src e
 USED_LIBS = nums unix bigarray
 SRC = $(patsubst %, -I %, $(SRC_DIRS))
 LFLAGS = $(patsubst %, -cflag %, $(LFLAGS_PURE))
-	ocamlbuild $(LFLAGS) $(CFLAGS) $(SRC) $(LIBS) -pp "camlp4o Camlp4MacroParser.cmo $(DEFS)" $(PROG_BYTE)
+	ocamlbuild $(LFLAGS) $(CFLAGS) $(SRC) $(LIBS) -pp "camlp4o Camlp4MacroParser.cmo $(DEFS)" $(PROG_DEST)
 #	ocamlbuild -lflag -g -cflag -g -cflag -annot -I src -I e -lib nums -lib unix -lib bigarray -pp "camlp4o Camlp4MacroParser.cmo -D EPT_DUMP_DEBUG -D EPT_XY_DEBUG -D EPT_LAB_DEBUG -D EPT_TRACE_DEBUG" $(PROG_BYTE)
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