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python example

Signed-off-by: Leonardo de Moura <leonardo@microsoft.com>;

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 add_c_example('c_example', 'c')
 add_dotnet_example('dotnet_example', 'dotnet')
 update_version(4, 2, 0, 0)


     if VERBOSE:
         print "Python bindinds directory was detected."
+def add_z3py_example(p):
+    full = '%s/%s' % (EXAMPLE_DIR, p)
+    for py in filter(lambda f: f.endswith('.py'), os.listdir(full)):
+        shutil.copyfile('%s/%s' % (full, py), '%s/%s' % (BUILD_DIR, py))
+        if is_verbose():
+            print "Copied Z3Py example '%s' to '%s'" % (py, BUILD_DIR)
 _UNIQ_ID = 0
 def mk_fresh_name(prefix):
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