z3 / src / api / api_ast_vector.h

Copyright (c) 2012 Microsoft Corporation

Module Name:


    API for creating AST vectors

    Leonardo de Moura (leonardo) 2012-03-09.

Revision History:

#ifndef _API_AST_VECTOR_H_
#define _API_AST_VECTOR_H_


struct Z3_ast_vector_ref : public api::object {
    ast_ref_vector  m_ast_vector;
    Z3_ast_vector_ref(ast_manager & m):m_ast_vector(m) {}
    virtual ~Z3_ast_vector_ref() {}

inline Z3_ast_vector_ref * to_ast_vector(Z3_ast_vector v) { return reinterpret_cast<Z3_ast_vector_ref *>(v); }
inline Z3_ast_vector of_ast_vector(Z3_ast_vector_ref * v) { return reinterpret_cast<Z3_ast_vector>(v); }
inline ast_ref_vector & to_ast_vector_ref(Z3_ast_vector v) { return to_ast_vector(v)->m_ast_vector; }

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