z3 / src / api / ml / mlx_mk_datatypes.idl

(** A constructor of a datatype is described by: *)
type datatype_constructor_desc = {
  constructor_desc : symbol;            	(** name of the constructor function *)
  recognizer_desc : symbol;             	(** name of the recognizer function *)
  accessor_descs : (symbol * sort) array;	(** names and sorts of the fields *)

(** A datatype is described by a name and constructor descriptors. *)
type datatype_desc = symbol * datatype_constructor_desc array

(** A constructor of a datatype is represented by: *)
type datatype_constructor = {
  constructor : func_decl;              	(** constructor function *)
  recognizer : func_decl;               	(** recognizer function *)
  accessors : func_decl array;          	(** field accessor functions *)

(** A datatype is represented by a sort and constructors. *)
type datatype = sort * datatype_constructor array

(** [mk_datatypes ctx sorts_to_descriptors] creates mutually recursive datatypes described by
    [sorts_to_descriptors], which is a function from the sorts of the datatypes to be created to
    descriptors of the datatypes' constructors. {b See also}: {!Test_mlapi.forest_example} *)
val mk_datatypes: context -> (sort array -> (datatype_desc array) option) -> datatype array
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