z3 / src / ast / reg_decl_plugins.cpp

Copyright (c) 2012 Microsoft Corporation

Module Name:



    Goodie for installing all available declarations
    plugins in an ast_manager


    Leonardo de Moura (leonardo) 2012-10-24.

Revision History:


void reg_decl_plugins(ast_manager & m) {
    if (!m.get_plugin(m.get_family_id(symbol("arith")))) {
        m.register_plugin(symbol("arith"), alloc(arith_decl_plugin));
    if (!m.get_plugin(m.get_family_id(symbol("bv")))) {
        m.register_plugin(symbol("bv"), alloc(bv_decl_plugin));
    if (!m.get_plugin(m.get_family_id(symbol("array")))) {
        m.register_plugin(symbol("array"), alloc(array_decl_plugin));
    if (!m.get_plugin(m.get_family_id(symbol("datatype")))) {
        m.register_plugin(symbol("datatype"), alloc(datatype_decl_plugin));    
    if (!m.get_plugin(m.get_family_id(symbol("datalog_relation")))) {
        m.register_plugin(symbol("datalog_relation"), alloc(datalog::dl_decl_plugin));
    if (!m.get_plugin(m.get_family_id(symbol("seq")))) {
        m.register_plugin(symbol("seq"), alloc(seq_decl_plugin));
    if (!m.get_plugin(m.get_family_id(symbol("float")))) {
        m.register_plugin(symbol("float"), alloc(float_decl_plugin));
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