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z3 / src / front_end_params / model_params.cpp

Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation

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    Leonardo de Moura (leonardo) 2007-08-23.

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void model_params::register_params(ini_params & p) {
    p.register_bool_param("MODEL_PARTIAL", m_model_partial, "enable/disable partial function interpretations", true);
    p.register_bool_param("MODEL_HIDE_UNUSED_PARTITIONS", m_model_hide_unused_partitions, "hide unused partitions, some partitions are associated with internal terms/formulas created by Z3", true);
    p.register_bool_param("MODEL_V1", m_model_v1_pp, 
                          "use Z3 version 1.x pretty printer", true);
    p.register_bool_param("MODEL_V2", m_model_v2_pp, 
                          "use Z3 version 2.x (x <= 16) pretty printer", true);
    p.register_bool_param("MODEL_COMPACT", m_model_compact, 
                          "try to compact function graph (i.e., function interpretations that are lookup tables", true);
    p.register_bool_param("MODEL_COMPLETION", m_model_completion, 
                          "assigns an interptetation to symbols that do not have one in the current model, when evaluating expressions in the current model", true);
    p.register_bool_param("MODEL_DISPLAY_ARG_SORT", m_model_display_arg_sort, 
                          "display the sort of each argument when printing function interpretations", true);