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Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation

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    Krystof Hoder (t-khoder) 2010-10-4.

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namespace datalog {

       \brief Functor for introducing auxiliary predicates to avoid unbound variables in
       rule heads.

       A rule
       P(x,_) :- T(x).
       is replaced by 
       P1(x) :- T(x).
       and for each occurrence of P in a tail of a rule, a new rule is added with P1 in 
       its place.
    class mk_unbound_compressor : public rule_transformer::plugin {
        /** predicate and index of compressed argument */
        typedef std::pair<func_decl*,unsigned> c_info;
        typedef pair_hash<ptr_hash<func_decl>,unsigned_hash> c_info_hash;
        /** predicates that are results of compression */
        typedef map<c_info, func_decl*, c_info_hash, default_eq<c_info> > c_map;
        typedef hashtable<c_info, c_info_hash, default_eq<c_info> > in_progress_table;
        typedef svector<c_info> todo_stack;

        context &			m_context;
        ast_manager &       m_manager;
        rule_ref_vector     m_rules;
        bool                m_modified;
        todo_stack          m_todo;
        in_progress_table   m_in_progress;
        c_map               m_map;

        Relations that contain facts
        decl_set            m_non_empty_rels;

        ast_counter         m_head_occurrence_ctr;

        ast_ref_vector      m_pinned;

        bool is_unbound_argument(rule * r, unsigned head_index);
        bool has_unbound_head_var(rule * r);

        void detect_tasks(unsigned rule_index);
        void add_task(func_decl * pred, unsigned arg_index);
        void try_compress(unsigned rule_index);
        void add_decompression_rules(unsigned rule_index);
        void mk_decompression_rule(rule * r, unsigned tail_index, unsigned arg_index, rule_ref& res);
        void add_decompression_rule(rule * r, unsigned tail_index, unsigned arg_index);
        void replace_by_decompression_rule(unsigned rule_index, unsigned tail_index, unsigned arg_index);
        void reset();
        mk_unbound_compressor(context & ctx);
        rule_set * operator()(rule_set const & source, model_converter_ref& mc, proof_converter_ref& pc);